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a 3-Night Cruise on the Nile River

 October 2021

Visit one of the most fascinating countries in the world!  Your journey back in time begins in Cairo, an exciting metropolis where mosques and minarets are a part of the skyline. Visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities that houses thousands of objects including the golden treasures of King Tutankhamun.

At nearby Giza, high on the Giza Plateau, stand before the great pyramids you have dreamed of seeing and touching. These sand colored triangles seem to rise endlessly into the sky! Nearby visit the mysterious Sphinx, guardian of the plateau and all that surrounds him.
Your Nile cruise will be aboard one of the most luxurious of cruise boats. All cabins have  private bath, air conditioning and a large picture window.  Cruising the Nile gives you the opportunity to see the perpetual green fields that border the Nile, many still farmed as they were thousands of years ago, and to visit the great temples at Aswan, Kom-Ombo, Edfu and Luxor. Shore excursions and all meals are included on the Nile cruise.

In Aswan, an afternoon to rest, relax and have a swim at your hotel overlooking the Nile before an optional excursion the next morning to Abu Simbel to visit the great temple masterpieces created by Ramses II  for him and his favorite wife, Nefertari. 

In Cairo, enjoy dinner in a lovely private home with an English speaking Egyptian family, a tour highlight.  

Our Egyptologist, Romani,  will accompany us throughout the tour, share his knowledge and provide continuity as we travel throughout the country. Our small groups insure you will hear his every word.

Details and Itinerary will soon be available!